Original music from Dante’s “Hell”

Original Music from Dantes “Hell”


Composed and Arranged by Marco Spallanzani

Performed by Rikke Yde(vl), Morten Ryelund Sørensen (vl), Benédikte Artved (vla), Eugene Hye-Knudsen (cello), , Direction: Nullo Facchini & Rolf Heim, Manuscript: from Dante Alighieri ‘Divina Commedia’, Scenografy: Bjarne v.H.H.Solbjerg, Performers: Joost Alexander, Maria Bergman, Lisa Brand, Lotte Elvang, Suzanne Jacobsen, Anna Lyons, Tine Madsen, Monica Matting, Karin Melanchton, Paolo Nani, Åza Thelandersson og Sumako Koseki. Premiere at Bagsværds lake, Denmark, 1992

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